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These are a few of my favorite things (not in order of importance): Creating beautiful things from paper or fabric; Loving puppy dogs (and cats, and other furry critters); Being part of the Eagan Hills Alliance Church family; Enjoying my grandchildren; Relaxing with my husband - especially someplace with dramatic nature (like the North Shore of Lake Superior); Being appreciated by folks where I work.

Jun 9, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge #124

It took me all week to do it, but I finally finished the OWH Sketch Challenge from last Sunday.  The image for the card is a hummingbird getting nectar from a flower.  I chose the hummingbird because it makes me think of Sandy Allnock.  She's the heartbeat of OWH, and like a hummingbird's heart, she goes incredibly fast to do all she does. 

I did a dozen cards for this sketch challenge - lots of learning how to color better, how to fix mistakes (fussy cutting!!! or adding a sentiment layer), how to choose paper combinations, etc.  These cards will go toward the "Duty Honor Cards" drive due by Independence Day.


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