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These are a few of my favorite things (not in order of importance): Creating beautiful things from paper or fabric; Loving puppy dogs (and cats, and other furry critters); Being part of the Eagan Hills Alliance Church family; Enjoying my grandchildren; Relaxing with my husband - especially someplace with dramatic nature (like the North Shore of Lake Superior); Being appreciated by folks where I work.

Jun 25, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge #127 – Sponsored by Doodle Pantry!

This was the easiest batch of cards I've ever done.  Now I understand the appeal of digital "stamping"!  Doodle Pantry is sponsoring this week's OWH Sketch Challenge, so I decided to use something from them.  Of course, I really enjoy coloring, but having the bird already in color saved a ton of time.  Designing, printing, cutting out, embossing, layering, and fiddling with ribbon (that took longest!) all together only took about two hours for twelve cards.


  1. Diana - you amaze me with the quantity of cards you produce off one sketch. This is a darling card.

  2. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.
    You ask where I bought the rose. HERE:
    Most Danish scrappers buy flowers at WCO in England, because they are cheap. Flowers are quite expensive in Denmark. Lovely shop - where you can buy all kinds of flowers - and more.

    You make wonderful cards, I have just looked around.

    Greeting from Annette http://minscrapside.blogspot.dk/

  3. Hi Diana. Cute cards. Popped by to say thank you very much for visiting my blog during the OWH/OWH bloghop. Me and my team were blown away by the huge number of lovely comments we reveived from our American friends. =0)

  4. Beautiful cards!
    Gr. Karina


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